A regular yoga practice in a heated environment can yield all sorts of benefits both mentally and physically. The heat allows you to go a little more deeply and safely into the various postures. During a regular yoga practice, you work multiple systems of the body: skeletal, muscular, circulatory, nervous and cardiovascular. 

What you see on the outside, a lean, strong body, is merely a byproduct and reflection of what you get on the inside. Yoga is a fountain of youth. However it’s not a quick fix and it does take work. But the work you put in to a regular yoga practice gets paid back in multiple dividends.

Let’s take a look at the multiple benefits of the regular hot yoga practice.

1.    Detoxification. Heavy sweating with proper hydration helps flush toxins from the body. In a regular hot yoga practice, correct hydration is an absolute necessary. However, you may find that drinking straight clean water is not enough. If you are experiencing any type of cramps, you should be adding a combined electrolyte/vitamin solution or powder to your water. One of our favorite products is ZipFizz with plenty of electrolytes and vitamins (available at the studio).

2.    Flexibility. A heated environment allows you to safely reach new levels of personal flexibility. Being flexible allows you to perform many daily activities much easier. The muscles and connective tissue become more elastic and will help you to go deeper into a yoga pose as the body becomes more flexible with less chance of injury. A common misconception is that you have to be flexible to you do yoga. Flexibility is only half of the equation. The goal is to find the perfect balance between strength and flexibility that is necessary for the body to function efficiently.

3.    Balance and Posture. As we age we naturally lose some of our sense of balance. One of the most common injuries in older persons is falling. This can lead to multiple other medical problems. Holding balancing poses, such as standing big toe or balancing half moon can significantly improve your balance while also strengthening all of the core muscles. Yoga can also cause a significant improvement in your posture: you’ll stand and look taller almost immediately with a longer neck and shoulders sitting in proper alignment.

4.    Strength. In yoga your own body is your gym. This is a low impact practice and uses muscles you didn’t know you had. A prime focus is on spine strength, which is a key to a long healthy life. You are only as old as your spine. Most yoga postures are centered around lengthening and strengthening the spine. However, you will find improved strength in multiple other muscles including leg muscles, hip muscles, lower back muscles and all of the muscles that comprise your core.

5.    Improvement in other sports and activities. As your flexibility, balance and core strength improve you will find significant improvement in other sports. For example, in golf you may find that you are hitting the ball further with less pain at the end of the round. Whether you’re a rock climber, hiker or just a weekend warrior, you’ll find so many things easier.

6.    Mental focus. Our yoga is conducted in an environment that will challenge you both physically and mentally. As you train yourself to overcome the challenges inside the yoga studio, you will find your challenges outside the yoga studio easier to overcome.

​The Benefits of Hot Yoga