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We offer a variety of heated classes that will strengthen your body, improve flexibility, balance and endurance.

For local residents and students we offer the first class free and the first 30 days for $30!

We like our music and we like it loud. Each class is set to music that will keep you motivated and energized.

We have two beautiful studios, in Flagstaff and Scottsdale. Both have been built with the most advanced non-toxic materials. The studio flooring is made by Lonseal and is specifically designed for a hot yoga environment with no off-gassing of potentially toxic compounds. The studios have been painted with SpartaZero with no emissions of ethylene glycol or volatile organic compounds.

We have state-of-the-art infrared heaters for a healthier and more beneficial experience. Click on the "Resources" page to find out more about the benefits of infrared heaters.

By the way, if you don't have a yoga mat, mat towel or bath towel, we've got you covered. No charge EVER, but it's always first come, first served, so come early for your class. The studios also have charging stations and free WiFi.

In case you're wondering, our name, ESenEM, is a play on our tagline: "Sweat and Movement" which you're sure to do during any of our classes. 

Our studios have filtered water and ice dispensers, full shower service with everything you need (razors, lotion, hair ties, Q-tips, bags for wet clothes). We also believe in a clean studio, so the studio floor is disinfected after each class and our humidifier emits nothing but sterile water vapor.

We're here to support an empowering community that is focused on healthy living. Our staff has been carefully selected to bring you the best yoga experience.

Every Friday we have our CommUNITY Class where 100% of donations go back to the local charity or organization. Suggested donation is $5-$10 but please give as much as you  like. ESenEM donates the studio, the receptionist and the instructor for the cause. We wish to thank our yogis who have contributed!

Each studio has a Manager. Please feel free to contact the Manager

directly by clicking on the image below. Or you can go to the "Contact" page and send us a message. We want this to be your best yoga experience!


Larissa - Flagstaff                           Jennifer - Scottsdale